Skills that make their students employable

Apprenticeships can be the bridge between education and employment.

Encourage students to be an apprentice

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Encourage students to be an apprentice

Millions of students are undergoing education in various streams but only a handful get into a career of his/ her choice. Why many don't make it, is due to the lack of employability. Learning a trade on the job and working up the career ladder is becoming more acceptable and attractive to ambitious people starting their careers, particularly now there is more support from the Government for apprentices and employers alike. And with businesses often struggling to attract the right kind of candidates with the skills, commitment and dedication to learning on the job means apprenticeships offer a way to mould and nurture new talent. Apprenticeship training is one of the most efficient ways to develop skilled manpower for the job industry.

For an educational or training institute, it is important to focus on skills that make their students employable. Apprenticeship can be the bridge between education and employment which can prepare the students to be job ready by giving exposure to real work environment.

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